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Internal Doors from Italy

The Artlinea factory in Baku has been producing a large variety of high quality internal doors for the past 15 years. All the door components are imported from Italy from various well known brands, and then made into final product in Baku. It is possible to customize the already existing door models, or completely re-design a new door depending on the needs of architects/designers. Doors can be designed either for classic, or modern interiors, each having their own unique characteristics. It is also possible to incorporate different types of glass into the design of the door. The materials used in production of these internal doors are of the highest quality, all imported from Italy. For these doors, we offer a large variety of door accessories and fittings from different internationally well respected companies depending on requirements in terms of the design, security and quality needs of the clients. It is also possible to produce doors of unordinary sizes and designs.