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  • Excellent thermal insulation parameters due to the use of thick-walled multi-channel profiles
  • Easy to operate
  • Only high-quality high-tech fittings are used.
  • Excellent static and physical properties
  • Great window fittings design in combination with a silver-matte shade
  • Freedom to choose styles from modern to classic or traditional
  • Sliding, lifting and sliding, folding-sliding, folding-sliding, pendulum and many arched and other forms of window designs

Types of hinges available:

  • Visible Hinges
  • Invisible Hinges


Of great importance is the material that is used in the manufacture of hinges, since the main requirement for them is to withstand the load and prevent sagging of the window sashes. We therefore use window hinges, fittings and accessories made only from high-grade steel of the best brands. For durability, each part is treated with a galvanizing compound that provides reliable protection against moisture and prevents corrosion. Outside, steel hinges are closed with plugs - special decorative linings that are painted to the desired shade.

  • Anti-burglar accessories that protect windows from unauthorized opening from the outside;
  • Possibility of acrylcolor coating for GEALAN windows
  • Window position sensors (close and open);
  • Automatic dimming system.
  • All sensors can be integrated into a “Smart Home” system, which allows you to always be aware of the state of your home, and remotely control the natural light in each room.